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Music Therapy

MyEbsco: Don't use your BACK Button!

Using MyEbsco to save artciles & searches to your folders?  Great, but use the navigation buttons on the Ebsco screens rather than using your Browser's BACK buttons.  Using your Back button may "unsave" some data from your folders.


Download this one-page guide to navigating the EBSCO databases effectively.  You'll be glad you did!

"Which MT journals do you have?"

Because MT is a multidisciplinary field, it's a more challenging question than you might think.  Here are some ways to answer that question.

Here are the journals that we own (or have online access to):

To find out if we own a specific journal, use our Journals tool

To locate a specific article, use our Citation Linker


Where's that Music Therapy CD ROM?

Some of your MT classes may require you to search MUSIC THERAPY RESEARCH, a CD ROM with the full text of several MT journals.  Click Here to learn more about the CD and for the number you'll need to check it out at our Reserves counter. 

"The Catalog says my Journal is in COMPACT SHELVING. Now what?"

Compact shelving area on STL's Ground Floor

If you discover that your journal issue is in COMPACT SHELVING, it's downstairs on the Ground Floor, in the Compact Shelving section.  You'll need the  call number for the journal in order to find it!

Most items in Compact Shelving are Bound:  This means that an entire year or volume of paper issues is sewn together into a hard cover, to keep things safe and neat.  Just look for the hardcover bound volume or year that you need.


Still not sure how to find it?  First, check out this guide to make sure you copied the call number correctly.  And, of course, ask for help!

Which Databases Should I Use?

The Most common article databases that you'll use in MT are Medline and PsycInfo.  They are VERY large medical and psychological databases, respectively.

Depending on your project, you should also consider:


If you're doing a project having to do with Music literature:






VOICES: A World Forum for Music Therapy

"Voices (ISSN 1504-1611) is an international journal and online community for music therapy. The journal publishes accessible texts in a range of genres and the forum publishes fortnightly columns, a series on music therapy around the world, and moderated and un-moderated discussions. The Voices website also includes resources such as links to teaching courses, associations, and upcoming events. The mission of Voices is to build bridges between various cultures, disciplines, and practice fields concerned with relationships between music and health."

VOICES is a Freee, Open-Access journal