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Koine was the language of the Alexandrian conquest and the subsequent Hellenic Mediterranean world. It was the Greek used in early Christian documents, Greek poets of the time, and by Roman historians who wrote in Greek.

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Greek Language Readings at STL

Berry's A New Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament (1897)

Loeb Classical Library - Electronic Versions of Classical Latin and Greek works with English Translation

"Over a century ago, James Loeb announced the founding of the Loeb Classical Library and his intention to bring the written treasures of the ancient Greek and Roman world “within the reach of all who care for the finer things in life.” Now it gives us great pleasure to welcome you – old friends and newcomers, scholars, students, and general readers alike – to the digital Loeb Classical Library, and to invite you to enjoy its Greek and Latin texts alongside English translations..."  --General Editor


Perseus Digital Library at Tufts University is a repository for images and texts from Ancient Near East through the Renaissance.

Perseus has transcriptions of a wide range of Classical and Koine Greek texts and texts in Latin.

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