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EED759: Workshop in Action Research

How will this guide help me?

This Guide will help you find seminal studies (sometimes called "primary" or "original" studies) and historical background on an ELA topic.

Reference Books: STL Main Floor, Behind the Front Desk area

How Will Reference Books Help Me?

Reference books like encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries help define topics and frequently offer a historical background to bot general and specific topics.  Most reference books have indexes and tables of content to help you find where terms are mentioned, just in case you can't find the topic in alpha order!

Most of our education-related reference books are in the Reference Collection on the Main Floor, and have a call numnber beginning with an "L".


Searching the Catalog: What happens when I search for...?

How will browsing these links help me?

STL has a wide range of books on the theory and practice of education.  Some of teh texts you will find in our collection are classical, seminal works; others are more recent but contain chapters that summarize the history and current state of that educational practice.

Most of our Education-related books are on the Concourse (middle) floor of the library.

Database Searching Tips