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Where to Publish: Library Tips & Strategies for Junior Faculty

Journal Websites

Once you identify prospective journals, visit the journal websites to learn about:

  • submission guidelines and policies
  • acceptance rates
  • editors and reviewers
  • types of peer review
  • journal impact factor

Look at an issue of the journal to learn:

  • contributing authors
  • content

Check the link to the publisher site for Journal of Personality and Social Psychology below:


IngentaConnect is a distributor of content from academic journals.The site hosts a free directory of academic journals, that may be browsed by discipline.  For each journal, IngentaConnect displays Tables of Content and also provides a link to publisher websites.  

Other Tips for Discovering Journals

Professional Association Websites, under heading "Publications."  As an example, use the link below to the Journals webpage in the Publications section of the Amerian Psychological Association website.

Notice journals that appear in the reference lists in the articles that you read.

Scholar Profiles posted on University department websites will often include their CV or a list of their representative publications.