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Virtual Library Book Displays

Check out our virtual book displays curated by student employees and librarians.


Welcome to STL's virtual book displays! Displays are curated by library student employees and librarians together to reflect on important topics for ourselves, and our SUNY New Paltz community. We hope you enjoy our virtual book displays and engage with the topics in whatever way feels right for you.

These displays are multi-format, but centered on library materials and themes important to areas of study here at SUNY New Paltz, as well as events occurring in and around our community.

These virtual book displays are now discontinued, the spaces previously used to create physical book displays and this site to continue that purpose virtually has now evolved into the Interdisciplinary // Intersectional // Interconnected Project. You can learn more about that project and continue exploring important topics here. You can still find all of the book displays shared in this space previously on this site.

Please contact Research & Education Librarian Adrianna Martinez, with any feedback!

Guide Curators

This guide was curated by Reference Librarian Adrianna and Student Assistant Emily.