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Latin American Studies

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More Reference Books

  • The Cambridge history of Latin American literature [REF PQ7081.A1 C35 1996].
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture [REF F1406.E53 1996].
         See the Literature entry or look for individual authors
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American history and Culture [2008] (available electronically in Gale Virtual Reference Library database)
  • An Atlas and Survey of Latin American History [REF G1541.S1 L3 2007]
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature [REF PQ7081.A1 E56 1997].
  • Encyclopedia Latina. [REF E184.S75 E587 2005].
  • Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States: Literature and Art.
        [REF E184. S75 H365 1993].
  • Handbook of Latin American literature [REF PQ7081.A1 H36 1992].
  • The Hispanic Literary Companion. [REF PS508.H57 H566 1997].
  • Masterpieces of Latino literature. [REF DESK PQ7081.A1 M29 1994].
  • Also look in the general encyclopedias in the Reference Area, including Enciclopedia hispanica, a Spanish-language encyclopedia.


    Use the most recent cumulative index of Twentieth Century Literary Criticism
    [REF PN771.T94]
    to find references to the sources listed below.

    Also consult the cumulative NATIONALITY indexes in the back of CLC, NCLC and TCLC.

  • Contemporary authors. [REF PN771.C578 ].[CA].
  • Contemporary literary criticism. [REF PN771.C59].[CLC].
  • **Hispanic literature criticism. [REF PQ7081.A1 H573 1994]. [HLC]

    Excellent starting point. Includes biographies.
  • Nineteenth-century literature criticism.[REF PN761.N56]. [NCLC].
  • Short story criticism. [REF PN3373. S386].[SSC].
  • Twentieth-century literary criticism. [REF PN771.T94]. [TCLC]

  • Additional criticism sources

  • **Latin American writers. [REF PQ7081.A1 L37 1989]. Excellent starting point.
  • Latin American Women Writers: An Encyclopedia [REF PQ7081.3.L37 2008]
  • Latin American writers on gay and lesbian themes:a bio-critical sourcebook.
        [REF PQ7081.3.F62 1994].
  • Literary cultures of Latin America. [REF PQ7081.A1 L525 2004].
  • Modern Spanish and Portuguese literatures. [REF PQ6072.M57 1988].


  • Biographical dictionary of Hispanic literature in the United States: the literature of Puerto Ricans,
        Cuban Americans, and other Hispanic writers [REF PQ7420.2. K3 1989].
  • Contemporary Spanish-speaking writers and illustrators for children and young adults:
        a biographical dictionary. [REF PQ7082.C48 C66 1994].
  • Diccionario de autores latinoamericanos. [REF PQ7081.3 .A37 2001].
  • Dictionary of Hispanic biography. [REF CT1343.D53 1996].
  • Modern Latin-American fiction writers. First series. [REF PQ7082.N7 M55 1992].
  • Modern Latin-American fiction writers. Second series.
        [REF PQ7082.N7 M55 1994].
  • Spanish American authors: the twentieth century. [REF PQ7081.3.F57 1992].
  • Spanish American women writers: a bio-bibliographical sourcebook.
        [REF PQ7081.S6 1990].
  • Women writers of Spain: anannotated bio-bibliographical guide.
        [REF PQ6055.W668 1986].
  • Women writers of Spanish America: an annotated bio-bibliographical guide.
        [REF PQ7081.W65 1987].


  • Dictionary of Brazilian literature. [REF PQ9506.D53 1988].
  • Dictionary of Mexican literature. [REF PQ7106.D53 1992].
  • Dictionary of twentieth-century Cuban literature. [REF PQ7378.D53 1990].
  • Puerto Rican authors: a bio-bibliographic handbook. [REF PQ7421.H55 1974].
  • Third world women's literatures: a dictionary and guide to materials in English.
        [REF PN849.U43 F58 1995].
    Includes an appendix of List of Authors by Region and Country, with     13 Latin American countries.


  • Diccionario de personajes y escenarios de la literatura espanola [Ref PQ6006 .P47 1997]
  • Panorama de la literature espanola contemporanea [Ref PQ6072 .T622 1965]
  • Indice historio espanol [Ref Z2696 .I6]
  • Diccionario de literatura Latinoamericana [Ref PQ7081 .C37 1998]
  • Diccionario de temas de literatura espanola [Ref PQ6006 .G6 1990]
  • Bibliografia de la literatura picaresca; desde sus origenes hasta la presente [Ref PN3428 .L38]
  • Manual de bibliografia de la literatura espanola [Ref PQ6032 .S55 1971]
  • Other Catalogs

    Worldcat- Search for books in other libraries that can be requested through Interlibrary Loan


    Research Tips that Get You Started

    Select a topic that interests you:
    Start by choosing a topic that interests you and that you can cover in the time and space required for your project.  

    Do preliminary searches:
    Do a few searches in the Library Catalog or article databases before commiting to your topic. You may find that you need to narrow or broaden your topic based on what you discover.

    Read background information:
    Take a few minutes to read about your topic in a specialized encyclopedia, dictionary or handbook. These sources will provide you with background information, as well as lists of other sources to get you started on your research.

    Make a list of words that describe your topic:
    Write your topic out as a short sentence or question and look at the different components that make up your statement.  From these components, start compiling a list of words, as well as synonyms that describe your topic. Use these words to search for your topic in the Library Catalog and in Article Databases.

    Focus on scholarly sources:
    Use primarily scholarly or peer-reviewed sources. Such sources are typically not freely available on the Web and cannot be found by searching Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo. Click on the Databases tab above.

    Keep a log of your search process:
    Keep track of what sources and search terms "work" and which ones do not.

    Cite as you go:
    Even if you're not sure whether you will use a source, it's much easier to note the citation information up front than to decide you need it later!