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Article Databases

The following databases are your "best bets" for finding journal articles. 


  • Each database contains different journals. So you need to search more than one to be thorough.
  • Different authors use different words to describe the same concept. So be prepared to use many words and phrases in your searches.

Is this a Scholarly Article?? Or NOT???

Most assignments call for at least one scholarly article. This is because these article have been reviewed and vetted by a panel of expert scholars in that field to ensure that the article will advance the thinking within the discipline.

These expert scholars are comprised of the peers of the article's author, and why the process of vetting is called peer review.

For a tip sheet of how to tell if an article is scholarly, click on the title below:

Searching Tips

Brainstorm terms for effective searching:

There are many ways to find out the "right term" to search with. Try these:

  • Use terms next to "Subjects" found in our databases. Search for a term that works well with that database. 
  • Carefully read the articles and abstracts that you do find to learn alternative words and spellings of your terms
  • Ask your classmates, professor and a librarian for suggestions. Don't go it alone!
  • Stay on track with a research log.  Just write down what you looked for, when, what you found and what you'll do next

Where is the Article?

If the article you want doesn't show an HTML or PDF option:

  • To get to the full text of the article, look for the  button. 
  • Clicking on the Find it button will take you to the Find it page.
  • On the Find it page, look for the link to the article (see example below).
  • If the Article link doesn't show up, contact a librarian to get the article through interlibrary loan.