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Finding Sheet Music

Locating Music Scores and notated music at Sojourner Truth Library

Using Worldcat

What's Worldcat and why should I use it?

Worldcat is a combined catalog of worldwide libraries.  So it's great for locating books, recordings and musical scores from other libraries.  

BUT it's also a way to search STL's collection.  Sometimes the information you find in Worldcat for a book, recording or anthology of music is more complete than our catalog's information.   


You can type in the name of a song, musical piece, composer or performer and locate a piece of music in our collection.  It's worth a try even if you've already searched our catalog.

Access Worldcat from the tabs on the library website

After you see your initial Worldcat search results, you can limit to "Musical scores".

Limit your worldcat results to musical scores

The resulting anthology will display the complete list of songs found there, the call number, and its availability at STL.
Worldcat record for a Blues music anthology

Worldcat Advanced Search: search for a song and limit by format

In this search, we clicked the Advanced Search link from the library's website.  

  • We can use ""s to search for a song title.  It's a way to search for phrases.
  • A menu at the bottom of the screen helps us limit to musical scores.
  • Note that in this case, we are searching -- a large number of libraries -- not just SUNY New Paltz


Worldcat advanced search screen has a filtering feature for music scores under the search boxes