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Finding Sheet Music

Locating Music Scores and notated music at Sojourner Truth Library

Monuments, Collected Works, Critical Editions and Urtext Editions

Critical, Urtext or Monument editions are series of scholarly editions of a composer's work, published over an extended period of time and containing annotations by major scholars.  STL has critical editions of the composers below -- and some others not on this list! -- in the STACKS and OVERSIZE M2 and M3 call number areas.  

Musical Monuments are available on the ground floor

Our library may have a piece by a composer in the critical edition series of that composer, and another edition elsewhere in the collection.  In some cases we may own one but not the other.

Critical-edition scores DO circulate, and have the same loan period as our other books.

TIP:  If you don't see a piece by a composer in the catalog but you discover we have the critical edition series, browse the shelves in that series.  It's possible we have the score, but we haven't created an individual item record for that score. 


Real Books and Jazz Anthologies: lead sheets, guitar chords, etc.