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Finding Sheet Music

Locating Music Scores and notated music at Sojourner Truth Library

Find Sheet Music online

A lot of sheet music from classical composers is available online, and there is a growing number of initiatives to digitize concert music and popular sheet music.   These scores are almost without exception in the "public domain", which means that the composition or the edition that has been digitized is no longer under copyright.

Some contemporary composers have made excerpts of their works available at their personal websites or their publisher's sites, too.

At this time, the library does not have a subscription to a sheet music database, nor can it absorb the costs of sheet music you purchase online.  Please contact the library with questions about which pieces we have, how to use ILLIAD to acquire scores on loan, and for assistance searching for digital sheet music.

IMSLP and other sheet music digital libraries

Link to IMSLP

The International Music Score Library Project is a wiki-based, searchable database of pdf, gif, epub, midi and other music file types.  Most of these pieces are in the public domain, and the contributors range from individual enthusiasts who are scanning old sheet music to major university initiatives.  

There are often multiple editions of a work available.  Some files can be downloaded directly to a portable device, like a tablet. 

Many active composers have discovered IMSLP and have added their works to it -- some are free, and others are pay-to-view.  The library does not have a subscription nor can it reimburse patrons for purchases on IMSLP.

Sheet Music Consortium: access to a range of university and library digital collections.  Hosted by UCLA