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Resources for library and other research related to courses in Economics at SUNY New Paltz


Federal Departments

Department of Agriculture The USDA website includes sections on topical news, agencies & offices and houses online editions of many USDA publications including Agricultural Research Magazine.

Department of Commerce Includes the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which has a wealth of economic data.

Department of Defense The Department of Defense website contains a number of publications available online, a section on the War on Terror and information about U.S. Detainees.

Department of Education The Department of Education website makes available quick lesson plans and activities for teachers. There is a section on research and statistics in education as well as a way to search ERIC.

Department of Energy The Department of Energy's website includes information on agencies and energy topics. For energy current energy statistics, the Monthly Energy Review is available online.

Department of Health and Human Services This is a good resource to use for information about health or health services. The HHS website includes glossaries, encyclopedias, databases, publications, reports and statistics.

Department of Homeland Security The Department of Homeland Security includes press releases, a research section and a section on immigration.

Department of the Interior The Department of the Interior includes links to the offices and agencies it oversees as well as a search engine that searches through all these agencies at once.

Department of Justice Most publications from the Department of Justice can be found easily through the Resources link. Furthermore, detailed information about the Freedom of Information Act is also available.

Department of Labor With a list of the Top 20 Items and a search engine, both accessible from the main page, the Department of Labor's website is easy to search for employment statistics and economic information. Up to date basic economic indicators are also available on the website's main page.

Department of State The Department of State has a great wealth of publications and reports with online access. They are best accessed by using the search feature on the website or the Subject Index.

Department of Transportation Contains reports from the DOT, dockets and regulations, and numerous DOT publications. The DOT's search feature is useful for navigating the website.

Department of the Treasury The U.S. Treasury website includes reports by the treasury, press releases, and information on related topics such as the economy, financial markets and taxes.

Department of Veteran Affairs The official website for the VA includes a wealth of information for veterans as well as some research data. Notably the 2001 National Survey of Veterans and Fact Sheets that include basic information and statistics on VA related programs and subjects.

Environmental Protection Agency The Cabinet Level U.S. Agency in charge of protecting human health and the environment. This is a good source for information ecology and the environment.