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Accessing Materials on the Ground Floor

A guide on how to access materials from the Ground floor of the library while it is closed due to mold.

Options for Accessing Maps and Atlases

There are two options for accessing maps and atlases from the ground floor. 

  1. Search our catalog to see if the map or atlas is located on the Main floor, Concourse floor or within Special Collections
  2. Search online using the links in the Geography Library Guide

Search Our Catalog

Some of our maps and atlases are located on the Main floor. Search the library catalog to see if the one you are looking for is available on the Main floor, Concourse floor or within Special Collections.

 Here is an example of a collection of maps that is located on the Concourse floor. 

Catalog record of map that is available on the Main floor of the library.

Use the Geography Library Guide

The Geography library guide contains a page about finding images. The page contains links to digital collections where you can find images of maps.