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Resources to get you started on your research in mathematics.

Recommended Library Databases for Articles

Here are some general places you can look for articles about math. Have fun searching and feel free to ask for help!

Open Access Databases/Websites for Articles

The majority of the library's databases are only available to SUNY New Paltz students, faculty, staff and in-library users. However, these titles may be freely accessed by the general public.

How to Display Library Access Links

If you plan on using Google Scholar, make sure you set up your Library Access Links using the steps below:

1) Go to and click on the Settings link in the upper right hand corner of the home page.

Settings is under Sign in

2) Click on the Library Links tab on the left hand side of the screen.

Library links under Search Results

3) In the search box type in "SUNY New Paltz" and hit enter. A check box should appear that says "SUNY New Paltz - Find it @ New Paltz"

SUNY New Paltz in school search box

4) Click Save to save your settings.

Save it!