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SOAR Submission Policy - Faculty & Staff Scholarly and Creative Works

Guide for faculty and staff to contribute scholarly and creative works into SOAR.

Types of Works

  • To what kinds of works does this policy apply?
    • The policy currently covers scholarly and creative work including, but not limited to, peer reviewed articles, book chapters, monographs or co-authored books, conference papers, technical reports, musical scores, performances, exhibitions and catalogs, video, and other digital media.
  • My scholarly work takes a variety of forms. How do I decide what to deposit?
    • This is an individual decision, but you might think in terms of major creative works that would be included in a dossier for reappointment, tenure or promotion. A variety of digital formats can be used. For example, the catalog from a juried exhibition could be deposited, or images of the works. A musical composition could be deposited as a score, or digital recording of a performance, or both.
  • I have just had a journal article accepted for publication. What do I submit to the repository?
    • Many publishers allow authors to archive either the original pre-print of a journal article that was submitted for peer review and possible revisions or the version that is accepted for publication, the Author Accepted Manuscript” (AAM).
  • My publisher will allow me to make my pre-pub manuscript available after an embargo period of one year. Do I have to wait to deposit it?
    • We prefer that you submit your manuscript when the embargo period has ended.