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Virginia Woolf

The Modernism Lab at Yale University

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Films on Demand: A Room of One's Own Stage Show

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." So spoke Virginia Woolf in 1929 as she discussed the problems of the writer and of women in general. Woolf’s talk represents perhaps the most persuasive of all her writings on liberty, literature, and the role of women in her society. Woolf spoke not only about writing, but about writing as a woman—speaking in an age when women were deprived of virtually every possibility of earning their own living. In this program, the actress Eileen Atkins re-creates her acclaimed one-woman stage show based on Woolf’s talk, in the original lecture hall at Girton College, Cambridge, where Woolf spoke, and amidst the background of Cambridge, with its distinguished colleges and elegant riverbanks that were the original inspiration for Woolf’s noble and exhilarating talk. (53 minutes)


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