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Virginia Woolf

Why Ebooks?

During this semester, the library is unable to provide access to its print collection:  no browsing the Stacks, circulation or scanning & delivery (sorry!)  Interlibrary Loan is not available until further notice, either.  

Fortunately, we have more than 100k ebooks available on a range of subjects.  You can find ebooks through our Search Our Library search tool or use the "native" databases.  It's ll listed below but we welcome your questions at our Ask A Librarian site.

Many book publishers, like Bloomsbury, U. Michigan and MIT have made their eBooks available to support remote research.   And there is a growing number of Open Access(OA) ebook publishers to check out, too.  We link to those resources below, too.

How do I search for ebooks in Search Our Library?

To Search For an Ebook, use EITHER the Search Our Library Tab on our website (shown below) or search our Ebook Databases directly from the Databases Tab (see next box).

USE Search Our Library

  1. Click the blue ADVANCED SEARCH Button
  2. Type in a term.  TIP: then select "Books/Ebooks" from the Material Type pull-down menu
  3. See some results?  Great!  Now, select "Electronic Books" limit to the left of the results.  It's usually found under Subject

Search Our Library -- choose Advanced Search buttonAdvance search screenTo find an ebook limit to ebooks under subject menu on the left of your results

  OR...  SEARCH OUR EBOOK DATABASES One at a Time!  Why?  Because you may get better results in the "native" databases than by using Search Our Library.  Here are some Ebook options:

Sample Searches for e-titles in Search Our Library