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Art Studies

Watch films about Art & Artists

Search our Films on Demand database to search for and view documentaries about art and artists.

Type the name of an art movement (i.e. "abstract art, pop art, conceptual art, etc.) or an artist's name (i.e. Mark Rothko, etc.) in the search box to search for segments of documentaries.

Or browse through the art related films in the database by clicking "View by Subject", then clicking "Humanities and Social Sciences," and then clicking "Art and Architecture."

Documentary Storm

Documentary Storm:  Free streaming full-length documentaries including films on design, painting, photography, performance art, and architecture.


UBU.web is a multimedia, interdisciplinary resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts.


Watch full length documentaries on arts, culture, politics, and more.

Art Web-Sites

Librarian's Internet Index

The Librarian's Internet Index  is a publicly-funded website that provides reliable, trustworthy, librarian-selected websites.  There are over 146 sites relating to the visual arts.

Archaeology Resources

ABZU - Citations (some full-text) of archaeological excavation reports, editions of ancient and modern texts, core early monographs, dictionaries, and journals covering the ancient Near East.

Beazley Archive -Contains over 5000 images (Greek pottery, Greek & Roman sculpture, & gems), an illustrated dictionary, bibliographies on archaeology; architecture, sculpture, gems, pottery, coins, and history.

Perseus Digital Library- Catalogue of over 1,500 vases, over 1,800 sculptures and sculptural groups, over 1,200 coins, hundreds of buildings from nearly 100 sites and over 100 gems.

Architecture Resources

Cities and Buildings Database (University of Washington Digital Collections) - The Cities and Buildings Database is a collection of digitized images of buildings and cities drawn from across time and throughout the world, available to students, researchers and educators on the web.


Artcyclopedia: the Fine Art Search Engine - John Maylon has compiled a database of 80,000 works by 7,000 artists represented at 700 museum sites, image archives, and other online resources.

Media Art

Video Data Bank
The Video Data Bank is a resource for videotapes by and about contemporary artists. The VDB collections feature innovative video work made by artists from an aesthetic, political or personal point of view. The collections include seminal works that, seen as a whole, describe the development of video as an art form originating in the late 1960's and continuing to the present.


Art History Resources on the Web - Arranged by culture and time period, this metasite links to numerous sites containing essays, images, and bibliographies on all aspects of art history. Contains a link to Gardner's Art Through the Ages web site.

Artsource - Artsource has links to general art resources and bibliographies;art and architecture resources, programs and libraries;artists' projects and events;art organizations;and more. 

The Mother of all Art and Art History Links Pages - The University of Michigan maintains this collection of links to sites relevant to art history.

Museum & Collections Sites


Census of Antique Works and Architecture Known in the Renaissance:  Interdisciplinary research database documenting the classical tradition.  Includes antique monuments known in the Renaissance, together with related Renaissance texts and images. 


1. free flowing conversation, about art, for anyone.
2. a place where everyone is invited to join an open, ongoing discussion - no art degree required.

ArtBabble was conceived, initiated, designed, built, sculpted, programmed, shot, edited, painted and launched by a cross-departmental collection of individuals at the Indianapolis Museum of Art  (IMA). It is intended to showcase video art content in high quality format from a variety of sources and perspectives.

ArtBabble was created so others will join in spreading the world of art through video

Librarians' Internet Index Museum Directory

The Archives of American Art -  The archives is arguably the single most important resource for scholars interested in the production of American visual culture from the colonial period to the present. The AAA contains the personal papers (often including sketchbooks) of artists, dealers, and collectors. Search the catalog of holdings on-line, then order microfilm from your local library through inter-library loan. Recent research and new acquisitions are published in the Archives of American Art Journal. The AAA has also issued finding aids such as The Papers of Latino & Latin American Artists, an invaluable guide identifying the "significant Latino and Latin American primary source materials"in 105 collections in the Archives.

Ancient Near East Photograph Collection (University of Washington Digital Collections) - This collection, created by U W Professor Scott Noegel, documents artifacts and archaeological sites of the ancient Near East. While the majority of the collection depicts structures and sites dating from 3000 BCE to 200 CE, the collection also has images of more recent sites, such as the al-Azhar Mosque and the modern creation, Lake Nasser. Currently, all images are of Egypt and Israel, although plans exist to eventually add images from Anatolia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

The Getty -  Includes the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute for the History of Art and the Humanities. Searchable site for news, publications and information in the arts.

The Getty Research Portal - an online search platform providing global access to digitized art history texts in the public domain. Through this multilingual, multicultural union catalog, scholars can search and download complete digital copies of publications for the study of art, architecture, material culture, and related fields. The Portal is free to all users.

Islamic Art at the Lost Angeles County Museum of Art - Prime examples of Islamic art.

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog - This collection includes photographs, fine and popular prints, drawings, posters, and architectural drawings that document the “lives, interests and achievements of the American people.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Timeline of Art History - This is a global timeline of art history featuring examples of art from the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Google Art Project:  This is an unusual collaboration between Google and some of the world's great art museums.  Navigate through virtual floor plans or view individual works of art.  Although these images are not downloadable, this is still a wonderful resource and research tool.


The Art Daily:the First Art Newspaper on the Net - Established in 1996, this site provides daily art news as well as links to museums, current exhibitions, and auction houses.

Professional Associations

College Art Association  The CAA site features annual awards;promotes opportunities for exhibition, publication, and creative projects;provides educational resources and career services;as well as links to art news sources and art museum sites.

Featured Web Site

Art Blogs – Your Daily Art - An online art historical textbook and blog all in one--Beautifully designed and easy to search. - An alternative online history of art course with links to research and writing guides, timelines, online museum collections, and more. - Dynamic site that crosses disciplines to include literature, art, film, music, and popular culture. - National Portrait Gallery blog - Beautifully designed site and well indexed - Art and Culture Unwound