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New Paltz Zine Library: Read a zine, make a zine, put it in the library collection

Submitting Zines to STL

Part of our mission is to collect zines produced in the Hudson Valley, so we accept all student, faculty, and community submissions! See our Collection Development Policy for more info.

We ask that the zine meet the following criteria:

  • The zine is a reproduction not an original (i.e. pieces aren't taped or glued on)
  • The submitter is the person who made the zine (so they can grant permission for it to be collected, cataloged, and checked out by library users).

Steps for submitting:

  1. Fill out the Submission Form, which collects all the data needed for the catalog record.
  2. Either upload a PDF of the zine, OR give a hard copy to the Circulation or Research Help Desks with a note, Attention: Madeline
  3. That's it! The form requires contact info, so if we have more questions, we'll be in touch. Questions about submission can be directed to Madeline Veitch.

Printing and Layout Help!

Getting your pages numbered correctly / the correct size for printing will take you a long way! Below are some resources for setting up a basic 8.5 x 11 folded booklet zine; the template you can copy or download to get started!


  • There are no more photocopiers on campus. To copy a cut and paste zine, scan it on the flatbed scanner and print the PDF.
  • If your zine is a standard booklet made from an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper folded in half with the text in a landscape orientation you will want to print it double sided and select flip on the short edge. This will keep your pages from printing upside down. 
  • For more help with printing, check out the handout below, which you can find copies of in the Zine-y Resources Binder.

Supplies / Support

You can offer patrons making zines the following supplies:

  • Long arm stapler (in the supplies drawer at the Research Help Desk). This is a long stapler that can staple in the middle of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
  • Zine Kits - available for 4 hour or 7 day checkout, these include glue sticks, scissors and sharpies.
  • Typewriters - available for 7 day checkout. We can provide a few sheets of blank paper. There are more instructions on using typewriters on our website.
  • Paper cutter.

Ask a Zine Librarian!

If you still have questions or would like to set up a consultation, contact Zine Librarian Madeline Veitch