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Financial Literacy

Information on personal finance topics.

What's In this Guide?

This guide provides an overview of how to find financial literacy materials in the Library's collections, as well as links to a number of free websites.

Guide Contents

  • COVID-19                Links to websites that will help you learn how to keep yourself financially safe at this time
  • Find Books               Learn how to locate books about financial literacy in the Library
  • Find Articles             Learn how to locate articles in magazines and journals
  • Find Free Websites  Links to free websites about financial literacy                 
  • Ask a Librarian         Have a question? There are lots of ways to ask for help!

Meet Your Librarian

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Colleen Lougen
Please email me if you would like to set up a virtual research consultation. I can use Google Meet, Skype, or WebEx.

Or you can e-mail me at:
lougenc (at) new paltz (dot) edu