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ARS500 Graduate Art Seminar (M. Friday)

Documentary segments and interviews with contemporary artists

Screen shot of the beginning an Art21 clip of artist Aki Sasamoto

How far can an artist bend without breaking? Installation and performance artist Aki Sasamoto unwinds the logic of her latest work, Yield Point (2017), finding unexpected connections between the tension of stretched materials and the stresses we experience in everyday life. “Lately, I notice that I’m [feeling] super stretched and tired—trying to do a day job and trying to do art—so I was interested in how much one can push yourself,” says the artist. “That’s why I went to thinking about elasticity and testing that limit.”

Online media and performance art

Internet Archive

Student Art Association Art Lecture Series (filmed on campus)

Screen shot from talk given on campus by artist Nancy Diessner

The above screen shot is from a lecture given by printmaker Nancy Diessner in 2016 as part of the Student Art Association's Art Lecture Series.