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Open Access Policy at New Paltz

Created to support OA policy work undertaken 2020-2021

Open Access Policy Finalized Fall 2020

At the November 2020 meeting of the Faculty Senate, the Open Access Policy Draft Policy was approved with minor revisions.

The final draft was sent to SUNY in February, 2021, and can be viewed here on the SUNY Digital Repository collection of OA Policies

Open Access Guide

What is This Guide about?

This guide aims to provide information about open access, address questions, and gather feedback from faculty, staff, and students as SUNY New Paltz drafts an open access policy for the campus.

History of the SUNY-Wide Mandate

In April of 2017, the University Faculty Senate (a SUNY-wide governance body) passed its Resolution Calling for SUNY Open Access Repository Policies‚Äč. This requires all campuses to implement open access policies in order to collect and facilitate access to scholarship produced within SUNY. The deadline for policy development is December 31st, 2020. 

Open Access at New Paltz

In early December of 2019, the SUNY New Paltz College Faculty Senate passed a resolution to create the Ad Hoc Open Access and Repository Committee to do the work of drafting a policy. Our goal is to draft a policy with significant input from the campus over the summer and fall of 2020, and to present a policy for a vote at the November Faculty Senate meeting. Once approved by the Faculty Senate, this policy would go to the Provost's office for guidance on implementation, likely in 2021. For more background and information on OA, the committee, and its work, see the presentation below from the end of year all faculty meeting, Spring 2020.