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SOAR Submission Policy - Faculty & Staff Scholarly and Creative Works

Guide for faculty and staff to contribute scholarly and creative works into SOAR.

General Questions

  • What is open access (OA)?
    • OA scholarly and creative works are accessible online at no cost and made available for all to read, download, print, copy, share, etc. (attribution always required, of course).
  • How is OA different from open educational resources (OER)?
    • Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research materials that are either a) in the public domain or b) freely available for use, reuse, adaptation, and sharing with no or limited restriction. (Source: Creative Commons Wiki)
    • OA repositories collect scholarly and creative works. While these works may be used in teaching, this is not the goal of OA.
  • What is an institutional repository?
    • An institutional repository collects digital copies of scholarly and creative works such as book chapters, peer reviewed articles, and videos of creative works.
  • Are other universities implementing OA policies?
    • Yes, every SUNY campus is required to develop and implement an OA policy per the SUNY Board of Trustees 2018 resolution.
    • The SUNY New Paltz open access policy was approved by the Faculty Senate on November 4, 2020. 
    • According to the Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies (ROARMAP), more than 1,000 organizations worldwide have OA policies, 732 of which are research organizations (as of 12/2018). (Source: Potsdam College Libraries)