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This guide includes tips and tools for citing in MLA, APA, Chicago and other citation styles.

Citation Tools

There are numerous citation tools available online, either as web-based citation generators, or as citation management software.  These 2 types of programs perform very different roles in creating and managing citations.

Citations Generators rely on user input to create citations.  For each source, you will be prompted to enter the author name, journal/issue numbers, etc.  For this reason, errors can occur and proofreading of each entry is essential. Popular citation generators include:‚Äč

Citation Management Software create, organize, store, retrieve citations, and correctly format bibliographies by interfacing with database and website data.  Some products are fee based, but there are several free citation management systems available.  If you are thinking about using this type of tool, take a look at the comparison chart on this page.  Although we do not subscribe to a fee-based service, the librarians at Sojourner Truth Library recommend zoterowhich is a free program that can be downloaded to your computer or used as a web-based application.

Which Citation Manager Should I Use?