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Theatre Arts

A guide to library resources and services for research related to theatre (or theater)

Primary Texts Online

Primary literary texts, images, and video can be accessed online through the following databases:

Search for the original critical reception of a play in newspapersThese reviews may also be considered primary sources:

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources provide firsthand evidence of historical events. These include

  • letters
  • diaries
  • photographs
  • manuscripts
  • newspapers
  • interviews
  • memoirs
  • audio or video recordings
  • research data
  • objects or artifacts such as works of art

To locate primary resources in the library catalog, perform a Subject or Keyword search on the person, place, event, etc., in combination with one of the following terms:

  • diaries     
  • personal narratives
  • correspondence
  • sources
  • pictorial works
  • maps
  • speeches
  • addresses