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This guide is intended to assist students who are conducting research on literature in English

Finding Primary Texts

Anyone researching a writer or a literary topic generally consults primary literary texts (original piece of writting). There are various options for obtaining such texts.

  1. Finding Books in the Library:
    • One strategy is to search the Library Catalog. There's a good chance that the Sojourner Truth Library has a physical copy of the text you require.
  2. Full Text Books Online:
    • Numerous full text literary works are freely available on the web. Particularly valuable is Google Book Search which points to hundreds of thousands of public domain books that may be downloaded as PDF copies. HathiTrust is another good place to look for books online. The Internet Archive also has books, as well as just about every thing else.

Primary Texts Online

A number of electronic literary texts may be accessed online using sources such as: