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E Resources for Online Learning

This guide provides an overview of library services to support online learning.

What's Search Our Library?

Search Our Library is located on the Library's homepage and is a great place to start your research. Search Our Library lets you search for ebooks, articles and more all in one place! 


Search Our Library search bar on the Sojourner Truth Library homepage.

Finding Sources Using Search Our Library

  • Start on the Library's homepage and select the "Search Our Library" tab. 
  • Search for a source by title, author, keyword or subject. Hit the orange magnifying glass on the right to search.
  • On the results page, use the "Refine your results" on the left to select "Full Text Available Online." Select other filters depending on what source you are looking for. Hit the "Apply Filters" at the bottom when done.

"Refine your Results" section with a box around "Full Text Available Online" in Availability and a box around "Apply Filters" at the bottom.‚Äč

  • The results page will now show results for your search terms that are available online. Browse the search results page and click on the title of an interested source.
  • On the description page for the source, scroll to the "View Full Text" for links to the source.

Description page for a source with an arrow pointing to "View Full Text" near the bottom.


Need step by step help using Search Our Library to find articles? See the Database Searching Guide

Using Search Our Library for known items

You can use Search Our Library to search for known articles by title. If we have electronic access to the article in our databases a link is provided. If we do not have electronic access a link to Interlibrary Loan is provided. 

  1. Using the "Search Our Library" on the library homepage, search for access to an article by title. "Search Our Library" bar on the library homepage with an arrow pointing to search bar.
  2. If we have access to the article it will be listed in the results page. If we do not check the box on the left to "Add results that require additional delivery time via ILL." "Search Our Library" results page showing no results with a box around the check box for Interlibrary Loan results on the left.
  3. Now that the box for including articles delivered through ILL is checked, look at the results page. Click on the title of the article to be brought to an article description page. "Search Our Library" results page now shows two results for Interlibrary Loan articles. Arrow points to one of the articles.
  4. On the article description page, sign into your library account. 
  5. Scroll down to the "Get It" section and select the "Interlibrary Loan" option. Article description page with arrowing pointing to the "Get It" section with Interlibrary Loan links.
  6. Sign into your Interlibrary Loan account using your NP username and password. 
  7. Check to make sure the auto filled article information is correct then hit "Submit Request" at the bottom of the request page. Interlibrary Loan article request page auto filled with a box around "Submit Request" at bottom.
  8. You will receive an email when a PDF of the article is available for you to download.